Title IX Coordinator

Title IX is commonly thought of as pertaining to sports, but it is actually much broader. Title IX prohibits gender discrimination in all programs and activities of a college or university.

The Title IX Coordinator:

  • promotes the creation of policies, procedures, and notifications designed to ensure College compliance with Title IX;
  • periodically reviews and assesses College policies and proposed modifications that relate to Title IX compliance, making recommendations for compliance as needed;
  • serves as a resource for College faculty, staff, and students when they see a policy or process related to Title IX that is not being properly administered;
  • reviews cases involving Title IX issues during College investigative and disciplinary processes and makes recommendations if s/he believes these processes have not been properly administered;
  • answers questions and provides guidance about Title IX compliance and the College’s related policies and procedures;
  • serves as a liaison to the state and federal agencies that enforce Title IX;
  • helps ensure the campus community and College employees with Title IX compliance responsibilities are adequately trained and educated; and
  • monitors all other aspects of the College’s Title IX compliance.

Kalamazoo College’s Title IX Coordinator is:

Tanya Jachimiak, J.D., Director, Office of Gender Equity

Deputy Title IX Coordinators:

Deputy Title IX Coordinators support the work of the Title IX Coordinator and play a significant role in the College’s coordinated response, prevention and education initiatives pursuant to Title IX and related statutes and regulations. Deputy Title IX Coordinators may be contacted to report sexual harassment or assault; discuss the Title IX process and procedures; or find out more about support resources and reporting options.

Kalamazoo College’s Deputy Title IX Coordinators are:

Renee Boelcke, Associate Vice President, Human Resources
Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Employees

Danette Ifert Johnson, Provost
Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Faculty

Katie Miller, Assistant Athletic Director – Senior Women’s Administrator
Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Athletics

Malcolm Smith, Vice President for Student Development and Dean of Students
Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Students